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Life Is About Living Your Dream

Dreams are the kaleidoscope of our deepest desires, the vibrant hues of our aspirations waiting to be painted onto the canvas of reality. Yet, amidst the hustle of life, it's easy to prioritise the immediate over the ultimate, allowing the mist of everyday concerns to obscure the true cravings of our spirits. It's time to cut through the fog, to tune in to the cosmic frequencies of our higher consciousness through intentional meditation.

Dreams serve as the gateway to the subconscious, the bridge to the higher conscious realm. Through them, we discern patterns and reasons, gaining glimpses into our desired life path and foresight into the future. Dreams offer a backstage pass to the theatre of the spirit. Yet, these precious memories slip through the cracks if not carefully preserved upon awakening.

Reality Continually Changes

Your realities are constantly evolving within the boundaries you already know. Some changes are subtle, like the transition from summer to autumn to winter to spring, while others are more dramatic, such as a serious accident or illness. At times, your realities can change with uncertainty, much like the seasons or the impact of others upon you, or as a result of your thoughts and actions.

Rebuilding a reality is always a much more logical and effective means to change what you are experiencing. Many never even come near achieving their true potential of living their intended life because they settle for something else due to laziness, lack of energy or a passive attitude which results in being prepared to accept less than it is possible.

Breaking the Chains of Routine Thoughts

The mind has a natural tendency to fall into the groove of habitual thought patterns, replaying certain ideas on a loop without reaching any clear conclusions. Much like the repetitive actions people perform daily, with thoughts often following set patterns automatically, day in and day out.

The challenge lies in breaking free from this cycle, as dwelling excessively on a specific issue can lead to stress without offering any resolution. Fixating on problems rather than focusing on constructive solutions can result in a mental merry-go-round, leaving things trapped without relief or a way forward. Shifting the focus to potential solutions rather than getting bogged down by issues is key to maintaining a clear and uncluttered mind.

Unleashing Your Creative Instincts

Ever faced a challenge that demanded a solution, an objective waiting to be conquered, or an idea yearning to materialise? In those moments, the power of intuitive thought can be your secret weapon, a dynamic force that transforms your deepest senses into a wellspring of creative brilliance.

By cultivating a habit of tapping into your creative intuition, your ideas gain vitality and responsiveness. You enter a realm where clear and precise intuition becomes a natural ally in your daily life. Take control of your destiny by channelling your creative intuition toward desired resolutions. Harness the power of daydreams, desires, and strong intentions to steer your life in the direction you crave.

How Events Shape Your Shared Awareness

Everything that happens, along with how people think and behave, adds to the knowledge stored in the general consciousness. As a result, everyone's collective experiences gradually shape and transform the outcomes of this shared awareness, influencing everyone's subconscious and shaping how life is perceived within reality.

What is considered normal today might have been entirely different just a few years ago. The constant presence or widespread acceptance of some construct grants it the legitimacy to exist. As a concept gains comprehension among a group of people, it ripples through the collective consciousness, solidifying its place as the new norm.

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