The Laws Of Creation

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The Laws Of Creation


Everyone actually has immense creative powers; for some far more pronounced than for others. Therefore, there are those who can harness these powers easily, while other have difficulty to capitalize upon these creative abilities. In fact everyone has the same level of ability to create; enabling those with knowledge to use this power more efficiently and effectively, or more wisely than others. Yet some, for one reason or another, they are completely unable to recognize the power of creation that they actually have available to them; which in turn tends towards leading a life of meritocracy.

How are creative abilities to be summed up? For some this is a daunting question, for others the question doesn't even exist. In fact creative abilities are only limited by the aptitude to start the process of creating something, backed by the belief that everything is indeed possible. Anything that you may dare to start pursuing can be successfully completed if you simply have the willpower to endure, to seek out unfailingly until you gain success in achieving or obtaining your objective. There isn't anything that is impossible to achieve, attract or create; everything that can be conceived as thought has the potential ability to become real within your perceived reality.

Creativity is not an art, it is purely the belief that what is desired can become real, brought into reality by the creative will power. The belief that anything is possible through simply persevering, by putting the mind to achieving it, no matter what; that is the policy or mantra that should always be followed.

Positivity is the driver of all reality; even though negativity exists it can't survive indefinitely within reality were positives always prevail whenever they are brought into the equation. During any period of negative thought the creative powers will be stifled if not completely hampered. Thus it is necessary to always have a positive attitude towards everything that you think or do. It is from positive thoughts that positive energy arises; likewise negative occurrences are born and unfold from negative thoughts. Therefore, it makes a whole lot of sense to eliminate any negative thoughts in any form whatsoever. Rather developing or accentuating positive thoughts is the best policy to always follow. Eliminate any negative thoughts as soon as they arise, while boosting and accentuating a positive outlook for the end result required.

Create Your Life

The quality of your destiny is governed by your action or inability to act, by your capacity to dream or not, by your desires or lack of desires. As the master of your own universe, this is your playground were there is potential to achieve whatever your heart desires.

Procrastination is like a cancer that will destroy your plans, action is the solution to all that you may face; any level of action is better than no action what so ever. It is better to have small dreams rather than no dreams at all; it better to have small desires which will lead step by step to greater things than not have any desires at all. The opportunities that you are searching for all exist, they may not be as imagined or completely obvious but they are available.

There is the chance to seek a favorable combination of circumstances that will result in gaining the knowledge or objective that what you want. While some options available could have an element of the unknown or appear to have unpredictable outcomes, the choice whether or not to take a risk in the hope of a favorable outcome is worthy of deep consideration. Always have a detailed vision for potential outcomes and how to achieved them; always trust in the power of positive beliefs to deliver what you want to achieve.

It is in the briefest moments that the chances exist in life; if the decision to respond appropriately is not made at that specific time the opportunity could be possibly lost forever. There is the potential not to act at the instant necessary because the challenge seems undaunting, or due to believing some advantage can be gained by waiting, or some conviction that the timing isn't just quite right. Timing is always of an essence; chance opportunities can be lost in the blinking of an eye; in the briefest moment of doubt or procrastination.

Each chance has a certain value that can be obtain from it. By believing or thinking more can be achieved by waiting until the situation will favor you better, or taking action before the time is right, does without careful consideration have some potential to result in disappointment. It is in the moment that you initially feel totally confident that everything that is possible to be achieved actually exists that you should act. As long as there is a strong initial intuitive thought to take and move forward at that instant, nothing will be gained by postponing any actions. Potential could decline if action in delayed, resulting in the limited chance of the magic moment passing by. Procrastinating for the sake of it, on a whim, that timing is not right, a beliefs or thought that something extra or more secure can be gained by waiting, all lead to the possibility of a lost opportunity through not acting at the right moment, were all the potential possibilities actually exist.

The key to attracting anything is to have a clear and precise image of what you want, then to hold that image with a strong desire, believing it to be yours; living your dream as if it is already real. The key is then maintaining this state of consciousness until what you want becomes yours. Many can't hold the desire long enough, loosing focus or changing their direction continually when what they desire doesn't materialize immediately. Sometimes the process to obtain something is not instantaneous, there are occasions were things do take time to come into reality, but in other cases what was imagined seemingly evolves almost immediately.

Everyone has passing needs or requirements, perhaps for those things that others may have, the trinkets advertised in the media, or what is on offer in a shop window, and so on. Depending on the intensity, frequency and sustainability of these feelings for what is wanted or needed will then relate or depend upon whether those things are achieved or not. For example, you may really want the latest music player; you don't need it, but simply just want it. You could find there is enough money to buy this, or your birthday maybe coming up, or someone will buy it for you, et cetera. In these cases you don't really intently desire to create the object, you just want to attract it, and by chance circumstances you then come to own it.

It's your life, your chance to walk in the light of day, to experience whatever your mind may desire. After all is said and done what are you left with at the end of it all, not only just the memories, but also the knowledge that what you have gained will help to challenge whatever the future may hold. It is those moments of failure or disappointment that make those triumphs shine even brighter; it is the contrasts, the uncertainty in life that give life its excitement, it's texture and color, it's wonder. To dream extraordinarily improbable dreams, then through beliefs and desires make them come true is what life is really all about. This life is your chance at experimenting with creation, to create a life dream, to experience the material world, to capture the reality, embracing all the senses and the wonder they bring to being truly alive.

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