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Creating Your Reality


Life is an opportunity to see how the application of personal creative powers produces results. In life you can practice the power to create within your reality what has been conceived initially within the mind becomes manifests in your life. There is the opportunity to work on finely tuning the creative abilities until your desires can be accurately replicated within reality. Everyone actually has the ability to create whatever they may want; whether you create with preciseness by achieving your desires depends solely upon the clarity and intensity that you are able to apply to bring these desires to life. Any gap between the intensions and the result obtained will most probably be due to a lack of correctly assembling the various elements within the imagination, those detailed thoughts necessary to create exactly what is required. Practice makes perfect, so the constant effort to create specific desires within reality will enable the gradual fine tuning of one's creative abilities; much like an ongoing project to gain excellence over time.

The maximum amount of thought possible must always be put into what is required in the form of imagination and belief, as both are necessary for creating what is expected to make the experience perfect. Making the effort to design your life in detail, then apply that design to reality is the best way to create the life need. Many don’t realize the fact that the power of creation is the greatest gift that is always available, most people hardly utilize this ability at all; but even when some do they don’t recognize the total implications of what is actually required, or the full potential possibilities. Belief often tends to be the missing component; when empowering creative desires with a strong focused belief provides acknowledgement that what is desired has the right to exist within one's own world.

There are many chances to create in life, ranging from how mundane issues play out to the success of life changing choices. The creation of scenarios within the mind, based upon the wishes for how things will turn out, becomes a habit once this technique of creation is fine tuned through trial and final success. Everyone has the chance during life to play with then fine tune the ability of creation. There are no limitations on what to wish for, do or create other than the ones self imposed upon oneself through disbelief or lack of commitment; you have the freewill that enables the potential to pursue whatever the heart and mind desires. This is proven by those who have had the willpower to pursue then achieve what they desire creating not only wonder but a lasting legacy.


You create each moment from the massive number of thoughts that you have, either consciously or subconsciously. Some experiences come to dominate your life, while others are fleeting in their ability to make an effect, yet they all contribute on some level towards your reality. The remainder of reality is either created by others or randomly by fate. By taking full control of your thoughts it becomes possible to take back the management of each element of your entire life; which can then be used as you specifically desire, outside the influence and manipulation of others or chance.

Everyone is given chances to choose how to manage life however they wish, the opportunity to freely take the course to solely follow one's own desires; or alternatively be subservient to the desires of others who then reap the benefits of any efforts. Yet it is possible to control everything with the mind if sufficient effort is made; what you want, the things you wish to pursue, all the choices are available to be made at will. While this may seem fundamental or common sense few take this a step further to control in advance all aspects of their life.

Creation through inspiration without a clear plan can possibly lead to variable or unpredictable outcomes. However, it is beneficial to concoct a clear focused intent on what you wish to achieve, then to pursue that goal unceasingly with the required amount of energy until it has been obtained or achieved. For many the major mistake is giving up far too soon, undaunting perseverance until the end result is achieved is the only route to creating lasting success in life.

Creation is not a form of magic where what is desired instantaneously appears. Creation requires energy, positive imagination, focused desires, persistence, a high level of expectancy, and a strong belief in order to create what you want within reality. As with any endeavour creations may not be instantaneous, some things do need time to take form or come into play within reality; there is the step-by-step process involved that leads to whatever is wished for becoming real. The additional elements involved are time, patience, energy, and mental effort in the form of constant enduring thoughts, clearly imagining what you want, then focusing desires in obtaining success, given legitimacy by a belief that what is expected being achievable. Bringing the physical elements together with the spiritual ability of creation becomes the most powerful way to obtain what you want to achieve in life.

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Life Is Simply A Game

Life Is Simply A Game

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In life you may win or loose at times, it's basically just like playing a game; the right mentality is chancing the wheel of life by trusting and ensuring you will win just the same.

The course of life runs as smooth as you wish it to, or as turbulent as you are prepared to allow or persevere. Every day is an opportunity to realize the wonder that exists in the world.

Life is indeed a game that we all play to pass time; simply a series of days strung together, made up of how you planned or decided to spend the moments.

Like any game how well it is played or whether life's circumstances are interpreted accurately, then used to the best advantage, makes losers and winners to varying degrees.