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Life Is Simply A Dream

Your beliefs are the driving force of your reality, as you perceive it; what you believe is what you come to conceive. It is, of course, true that there is no limit on what you can do, what you can have; yet to begin to understand, to know fully, then believe this is the main point. Most of your beliefs are external, based upon things that you have seen or heard or have been exposed to during your life to now. In many cases, you believe what you are taught to believe by society, by the ones you know and others that you don’t such as the media, movies, books, etc.

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Basically, what you have been indoctrinated or brainwashed into accepting as your beliefs, when in fact these are concepts formed and belonging to someone else. Mostly these implanted beliefs are aimed by others to have some form of control over you, therefore causing you think and behave in set predetermined ways. Your beliefs govern everything that you do, including who you are.

It surely makes more sense for your beliefs to come from within your own conceived thoughts rather than from external sources. Even though you can be selective about the beliefs you obtained externally, the selection of beliefs also comes from your conditioning over the years too. You should accept beliefs that only stand up to being thoroughly scrutinized through carefully considering them both from a logical as well as spiritual, gut feeling or intuitive perspectives.

By searching your deepest thoughts, your soul-searching, you can start to rebuild your belief system more accurately. Never be concerned about scrutinizing or questioning even the most sacred beliefs of your society; for if they can’t stand up to such in-depth evaluation then drop, give up, reevaluate or modify that belief. Perspective also has a lot to do with belief, as two people can perceive the same thing in entirely different ways, each believing the other has a different viewpoint. So, a different understanding or perspective can also change a belief system.

The beliefs you form within yourself, that feel exactly right and true are the only beliefs you should consider and entertain. Beliefs are delicate and fragile things, they come and go like the changing seasons of your life. But beliefs should equal truth, the truth that has substance not only in reality but also throughout eternity; you will recognize and know these by your inner senses, deep thought and feelings; then you will know what is right and worth adopting along with what is wrong to be discarded.

Never be afraid to abandon or completely banish from your consciousness any belief that can’t withstand close scrutiny, those beliefs that don’t feel right, and the ones that don’t have any place in your reality. It is never too late to start anew, to start over, to completely rebuild your belief system from the start. Only accept those beliefs that feel right to you, that make sense when you scrutinize them closely.

Every single thing that happens has a purpose and meaning, it is your own decision whether you seek to understand those purposes and meanings; the answers are there if you just ask, then pay attention as the answers will surely come when the time is right. If you don't pay attention to your inner self-inspirational thoughts of wisdom to guide your life then, in fact, you are just literally throwing dice, your life becomes a game of chance, a pure uncontrollable gamble. If you don't pay attention and take care then your life will run out of control, potentially without you even noticing it.

There is always a guiding light in your life if only you open your minds to the potential. Many people are so consumed with the mundane things of life that these tend to dominate every waking hour that they overlook the most important aspect of their life's purpose. We all have eyes, yet many are blind; we have ears, yet many are deaf; we have senses, yet many can't feel or sense the most important things that truly count; that is unless the mind and heart intuition is open to the endless possibilities that exist in life; open your minds to the guiding light that always shines within you.

There is a tendency to create illusionary
yet seemingly real boundaries
that in truth don't really exist.

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Life Is Simply A Game

Life's Impressions

Published June 22, 2020

This life is meant to be a joy, a glorious wonder, yet most people are far too engrossed with daily matters; the issues, the troubles, the strife, the cares and woes of the day that they become blinded to the true reality and meaning of life. Take each moment, each day, and enjoy your life to its fullest, make your life magical, make it a joy, full of wonderful memories.

Don' let life live you, by being bound by materialism or tied down by what on reflection are mundane issues; rather live your life well, make the most of each and every chance opportunity that comes your way, enjoy each and every moment. Always take time to reflect on how to spend time and choose wisely from the many choices of pursuits that life offers you, as while the options open to you may seem limited, they are in fact endless and without bounds. Make your life fulfilling and exciting, going forward with confidence without fear in your heart or any sense of trepidation.

Life is certainly the most wonderful gift imaginable. Your life is solely for your use and personal benefit, but especially not for the purpose of other peoples' selfish intent, and not to be sacrificed for pursuing insignificant matters. Certainly, supporting the ones that you love should always be an exception, yet you must never surrender your life's purpose to address the demands of others, rather find some balance that will serve your spiritual purpose and satisfy human responsibilities and desires.

Every single thing that happens has a purpose and meaning, it is your own decision how that purpose and meaning is interpreted, there are always endless opportunities to experience some valuable lessons. Certain thing happens also to help you come to a specific realization such as changing your habits or lifestyle. If you are living too fast or a too chaotic lifestyle then there is potential for an experience that will slow you down to the rhythm of life that is more in line with your natural pace.