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Everyone has the potential to change the concept of what they have become by constantly reinventing who they are. In most cases each of us became the persona we have by a series of absorbing some habits and manners, gradually assimilating various personality traits from the people we know or meet, or mincing what society expects, including impacts from the media.

Who you are has been a gradual process of change, absorbing various things from those around as well as the environment. Becoming ‘You” has been a process through a gradual process of assimilation; your specific individual personality is the sole accumulation of the things you have been exposed to, the who you became to adapt to and manage the life circumstances you experience or were exposed to.

The earth, the universe are not constant but are forever changing, the various era of earth if compared we can see major changes going on all the time.

The body replaces all the cell it contains within 1 year, each of us are literally not the same person we were 12 months ago. Yet we hold onto our old habits, thoughts, manners, way to speak, dress, our tastes in people, food, clothes remain unchanged and habitual.

The masters of art were known to paint over previous canvases, creating modifications or completely different paintings. The Mona Lisa for example was a life times work or continual recreation and improvement. This is an indication that considering the improvement and reinvention of our selves continually, forever changing who we are for the better, is a worth concept to embrace. Thereby it is possible to modify ‘the who’ others perceive you to be; or who or what you portray yourselves as; including your personality, clothes, manner of speech, habits, friends, job, location, where you live, including the places you visit or frequent. You are always in a position to reinvent yourselves constantly, always able to become what you wish to be.

Every thing around you is undergoing a constant state of renewal or change, nothing is ever constant. Yet many of us are hanging onto that old persona, who we believe ourselves to be, mostly without giving the who we are or have potential to become even a second thought. People continue day by day, year by year with unchanged ideas, ways to think and behave; perceptions of who they are becoming rooted and static within the behavioural consciousness and pyche.

In order to change who you are it is necessary to first start to change who you think or believe you are. First deleting the current perceptions, habits, and persona; then rebuild clear focused thoughts around who or what you want to be. How other perceive you is usually how you portray ourselves to the world. By rearranging your thoughts to influence your behaviours, manners, reactions, how you put ourselves over to the world. What you believe you are is most literally how others see you; yet personal interpretation may cause others to have false perceptions, misconceptions or ideas of who and what you are. The clear, stable image you wish to portray to the world should be meticulously developed with your mind, then without deviation portrayed to the world. Any instability in how you portray yourselves to others will lead to your image being unstable or unclear, this could cause misconceptions for others, thus clouding their understanding of you, of what you wish them to think you are.

By creating the image of exactly who you are and clearly what you expect others to believe and perceive you are is important; exactly what you think immaterial of others reaction is the most important element of forming your persona.

Reinvention is the key to a better life.

Who you are becomes second nature and boring, it makes your life also boring too. It is common to tend to blame other factors for this state of being, but the main culprit of all or whatever your troubles may be is impacted by who you are. It is necessary to make fixed resolutions for change, for who and what you will become, the future you.

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Life Is Simply A Game

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Life is indeed a game that we all play to pass time; simply a series of days strung together, made up of how you planned or decided to spend the moments.

Like any game how well it is played or whether life's circumstances are interpreted accurately, then used to the best advantage, makes losers and winners to varying degrees.