Unleach The Power Of The Heart And Mind

You are more than the identity your mind creates.

Unleach The Powewr Of The Heart And Mind

Unleash The Power of the Heart and Mind e-book provides the inspirational direction for how to enliven the heart consciousness in order to access the ‘Powers of The Heart’ then linking that state to the subconscious and conscious mind; which in turn is able to connect to the higher consciousness. The inspiration of the heart linked with the higher consciousness once in prefect sync provides a powerful force to not only drive but create reality in the way you have programmed through logical thought.

About The Power Of The Heart

What heart based living is all about is empowering the heart to become part of daily experienced reality by tapping into the vast potential of the heart, mind and spirit connection. When these states of consciousness are cooperating to maximize this connective ability then harmony, bliss, peace and calm is available to all. Life driven by this connection between the heart and mind will have a greater stability and calm, especially at times when these are most needed.

It is not a choice as some believe of deciding between the intellect of the mind and the intuition of the heart; however, rather the unification of these two conscious states is the answer. Closing the mind and opening the heart is not the answer, unification of the heart and mind is. Relying only on the intellect and logic of the mind is limiting which can gain from the support of intuitive insights from the heart intelligence.

The heart is natures most untapped immense resource generating more than just intuitive feelings and desires but also the conscious means to bring them into reality. Intuition and desires born from the heart consciousness are given the power to become real with perseverance.

Always listen to the heart, those intuitive messages, that the heart consciousness has acquired from the environment as energy frequencies, then translated them into meaning that the mind can interpret in order to make choices and decisions on what is the best response to follow to or course of action to take.

The heart is also the window to the soul or eternal consciousness of self; a communicator between the physical mind and the higher self’s consciousness, that in turn is part of all that is.

The art of living is of course to follow those strong heart felt desires, intuitions, and expectancies; trusting as well as believing that these will lead to the place in life where true bliss will be found. Living through the heart compass enables you to become aware intuitively of the best direction to take on the many choices of paths to follow in life, making the decision process clearer in order to face life more competently.

Utilising the Power of the Heart in conjunction with the Mind is the most significant choice you will make in life.

Find out more by reading the book Unleach The Power Of The Heart And Mind.

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Unleash The Power Of The Heart And Mind
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Unleash The Power Of The Heart And Mind

The heart is natures most untapped resource generating more than just intuitive feelings and desires but also the conscious means to bring desires into reality.

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