The Creative Solution

We all create the chains that bind us, that limit us, that hold us back or even stop us from achieving our true potential in our life. All of us are creators with the potential to achieve even our wildest dreams if we simply put the necessary effort into achieving or obtaining the things we want. Life was never meant to be difficult, we just make it that way so that it fits into societies and our indoctrinated concept of what things should be like. We make bridges or barriers, creating unnecessary self-fulfilling prophecies, and give life to issues or problems that don’t even deserve the light of day. Life was meant to be wondrous adventure, we trade that ideal for whatever we have because of our complacency, or whenever we accept whatever comes our way. For many the status quo is far more acceptable than taking the supposed risk of change.


Through misleading education we are lead to falsely believe that things are difficult to achieve; when in fact things are as difficult as we wish or make them. The effort to escape the chains that we bind ourselves by is never an easy task, unless we simple cease to give energy in the form of thought that created these psychic bonds in the first place. We can set ourselves free from what binds us by removing or eliminating anything that is undesirable in our life, no matter what or how high the cost might be. This cost always keeps us bound because we are afraid to trade what we currently know for uncertainty, yet whenever we do set ourselves free of what ever is binding us we will always find a better tomorrow, a better life. The Solution outlines some areas of our life that we can focus upon to help us find a potential resolution to issues that we are face with. By simply starting the thought process off, through a hint that will point us in the right direction, we can start our life journey anew.


The things each of us seek in life are in many ways are different, but also in many ways similar, if you care to look. The keys to each solution are here for you to read; but try to adjust them to suit yourself by letting each solution be a seed of thought that will lead to form ideas about how to improve your life, how to lead your life then understand life’s purpose. There is no longer a need anymore to live day-by-day, just reacting case by case to what ever life’s circumstances may throw in our way. Rather than being solely reactive we can learn to be proactive in living our life, whereby we can live each moment to the full, to its ultimate potential. We need to decide what needs to be resolved through effort, separating these from things that will resolve themselves simply but forgetting, or no longer focusing on about them.


Whenever some great endeavour is to be undertaken usually people seek advice on how best to proceed, when a great adventure is to be undertaken it is wise that always a good guide should be sought. Yet with our life, the greatest adventure and undertaking most of us will ever make, we simply just live day-by-day, most of us not planning how we will proceed or what we plan to achieve, what our legacy will be, what information we will leave behind to ease the way for those that follow us.


Life can seem to be full of mystery, full of adventure, even confusing on occasions; at times we can face obstacles and great tribulation. Yet life is a wondrous experience that needn’t be a mystery to us, needn’t be a hardship, a challenge, or a drudge, but can be a joyous experience a wondrous adventure.