Life Is Simply A Game

Life is indeed a game that we all play to pass time; simply a series of days strung together, made up of how you planned or decided to spend the moments.


Like any game how well it is played or whether life's circumstances are interpreted then used to the best advantage makes losers and winners to varying degrees.


The impacts from others that are either beneficial or damaging will dictate final outcomes every time. Making good friends and creating beneficial associations can make all the difference.


Life is made up of various experiences that are created or brought about by choices that are made both consciously and subconsciously.


Life is also an experience of creation; the creation of moments, situations and circumstances; the creation of memories.


We are all participants in a charade, how life evolves and turns out all depend on how well the game is played.


Proficiency, effort, the quality of thought, perfection of purpose, the quality of planning, the application of desires into reality govern the quality and state that is experienced.


Like any game preparation is critical; understanding the rules, knowing how to manipulate the dynamics at play efficiently to ones own advantage, understanding the intricacies of the rules and how to capitalize upon or create opportunities, pursuing whatever circumstances are present to maximize whatever potential exists to the best advantage.

The potential opportunities in life are only limited by the inability to firstly comprehend them and secondly to fully utilize personal abilities to maximize the potential that is available. Don't wait for special times to evolve, rather create them in accordance with your true desires to experience what you wish to make real.


It is important to pay attention to intuitive thoughts, inspirations and indeed intuitive warnings, as consequences will always be the result of ignoring them, not taking sufficient action or not making ideal responses.


Much like any game, the game of life has things that can be obtained, or things that can be lost. How the game is played, the value of the stakes, the opposing factions all come to dictate an outcome, be that favorable or lacking any resemblance of being lucky.


Experiences are always brought about by choices in one form or another, they are the start point that leads to the unfolding of the circumstances that come to envelope one's reality either for an instant or extended periods of time. What occurs may prove to be beneficial or unbeneficial to varying degrees.


While it takes resources to control the world, the control of your own specific world environment is really within your potential to achieve. How you choose to control your world, to what extent your desires are put into action, determine whether your life will meet your wishes or not.


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