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An original collection of 348 philosophical concepts characterize life experiences are intended to provide stimulating ideals to act as triggers to stimulate in-depth seeds of thoughts to consider in dealing with life's issues. There are motivational quotations in each chapter which are designed to also provide inspiration and useful insights.

Things that satisfy your curiosity, those things what you aspire to, or strongly desire to experience, are what you should pursue with vigor and a focused intent. Achieving a dream or desire will uplift your whole spirit, giving you the confidence to seek out other challenges that you can endeavor to accomplish.

The confidence to confront with the strength of willpower all that comes before you will be of immense value in your life. When you do the things you are meant to pursue you will feel spiritually enlivened, progress will always seem to go more smoothly, you will feel invigorated - in a state of happiness and contentment. There will always be a feeling that things are not quite gelling when you pursue outcomes that are not your true intent or in your best interest, thus through intuition you can be easily aware of what you should pursue or need to avoid.

Time is fickle, is comes then goes as it sees fit, lasting the amount of your life of its choosing not yours, completely unaffected by any desire you may have to the contrary. Time can pass by so quickly when viewed in retrospect, you need to make sure that in life time did your bidding, not you doing time's bidding.

While you can't control time, you can control what you do with it, irrespective of how slow or fast it may pass. Giving due care and perseverance to thoughts for how to use the time you have wisely is of the utmost importance. It is never an issue of how much time you have but rather how to utilize that time to the best effect for yourself. You should never consider what the moment brings to you but preferably what you bring to the moment to make it better, to make it perfect.

Like anything, the things you pay the most attention to or take the most care of are the things that flourish and survive best. Therefore, it's essential that you concentrate your thoughts on giving emphasis to creating the best memories achievable so that only they survive, or at best ones dominate over the bad memories. You have your lifetime which was given to you as a sacred covenant in order to make memories that will suffice to keep you contented to reflect upon these throughout eternity.

In the essence of time your life is just a brief moment, a slight flicker in the darkness, that always on reflection is over in what seems like the blinking of an eye. When you look back upon of life what do you see, a life that had purpose and meaning, that created something of value to add to the great scheme of things, or a life that was wasted, that just drifted by day by day until there was no time left.

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Book Quotes

  • You are bound by the constraints of what you perceived, it doesn't matter if those perceptions are accurate or not.

  • Life is given to use in any way you wish, it can be as easy or as difficult to make the experiences you want.

  • Time clarifies and reveals the true essence of all things; bringing to light the actual feeling of others, as well as the real dynamics of each situation.
  • The gap between what you expect and what is possible is the level of reality your energy can support.

  • The consequence of your thoughts can be found in your actions, and the consequence of your actions can be found within your reality.