Life Is A Cocktail

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  • Life Is A Cocktail - Reality with a dash of imagination.

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  • Publication Date: April 8, 2017
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Reality with a dash of imagination, shaken but not stirred, please.

Life really is quite like a cocktail, each person adds the various component parts, then mixes them up to get their reality. Ingredients like imagination, your dreams, wishes, hopes, aspirations, ideas, et cetera can be included as seen fit; anything can be added to the melting pot as decided, any combination of things that is desirable; then just mix it all up to see how things turn out.

So much to Choose from but which ingredients to choose, perhaps something original would be more fun? If an actual cocktail was formulated like this, for example, it's acceptability would be a case of hit or miss; perhaps drinkable, perhaps not; maybe in order to not want wasting it we drink it anyway rather than throwing it away and starting again from scratch as should be logical.

To get a good, drinkable cocktail it is easier to follow a formula at first, then gradually experiment until you can create an original drink on your own formula. Perhaps the finished drink is modeled on some other famous well-tried recipe; or perhaps the final creation is purely your own, or it could even be a bit of both.

Yes, the right choice is something original, but should be drinkable; um.... guess this may need some though! So it is with life; to follow the success of others is always the easiest route; there is potential to even follow the well-trodden path that society lays out for people to follow from cradle to grave.

The road less traveled however, the one created by ourselves could be much harder, as we struggle to find the correct combination of factors to make the life that is truly desired. But avoiding the pain that may be involved with such a self-created life course there is potential also we'll miss the dance, the dance of life; those things that give life its mystery, joy, excitement, a sense of 'I did it my own way'.

Having that slight twist of originality is what should give life the edge it needs! So, when you drink from the cup of life what will your drink be; the well tried recipe, or something original, exciting, with a twist of something brand new?

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Book Quotes

  • Life is an open book as far as potential is concerned.

    Life can be whatever you wish it to be or become.

  • There is freedom within the potential to choose how to live life.

    The future is as bright as you wish to make it.

  • Control or be controlled is a mantra that offers a solution to external techniques aimed at modifying behaviour.

  • Don’t be imprisoned by the perception of reality that others have.

    Make the changes necessary to create the life you want.