The Jigsaw Effect

Everyone gathers pieces of life through the desire to experience by following dreams, intentions, ideas, intuitions, external influences, desires, through achieving expectations and so on. These driving factors can be impacted or influences by abilities, determination, beliefs, potential, as well as the specific environment's ability to support what is pursued.


Much like a jigsaw puzzle, the individual elements required for success are collected in the right order to form the desired result. The combination of these various factors in the form of what you seek and pursue, the things you learn, the places you live and visit, what you acquire, all the individual parts that constitute your life are the components of your life's cocktail. You decide the individual contents, how they are combined perfectly or in dissonance, creatively, compatible or otherwise.


There may be conflicts, but these are either created or allowed to evolve by yourself, you have the ability to take the initiative to eliminate conflict in your life or be passive by allowing instability to continue unabated.


As the true sole creator of your life you gather and attract the individual parts, the home, the friends, the activities, the things pursued; they all come together to form the individual pieces of a complexed jigsaw that make up your life. Yes, the choices are yours, even if that fact isn't recognised; you alone can decide what to accept into your life and what to reject. Whatever is unacceptable but continues to exist does so because of the lack of action on your part, the ability to take the steps against such issues equals consent.


In life, as with a cocktail, the wrong components or contents in the wrong ratio or levels diminishes the whole, even though the parts as independent additions were fine. Some parts may not be compatible with other ingredients of a life cocktail, even though in isolation they were perfectly acceptable.


Finding or creating the perfect balance takes time, attention and skill in order to match all the various elements in perfect harmony. Just like a jigsaw, one well fitting part from another jigsaw will likely be unable to fit no matter how hard you try. In life also certain components may pose issues, being unable to fit with any level of compatibility.


Reality seems to set limits of what blends with what, as well as the things that are totally incompatible. The structure or fabric is forever being tested by what can turn out to be dissonant factors; as if an experiment of what fits and what doesn't is being tested by the hands of fate. Any part of life that causes instability is best resolved, but if that isn't possible or desirable then rejected or ignored; which is best ideally should be deeply considered.


It certainly pays off in the long run and is wise, to carefully select what is accepted to be part of your life. Consideration of the reasons and compatibility to the overall life plan's structure needs to be fully considered, with no part accepted that will cause disharmony or fracture the fabric of what already exists.


Balance is the key to whatever is attempted, ensuring that all the contributing parts are supportive, in harmonic resonance, and fit well into the overall structure of the life that you have or wish to create.